As a diving board from where to jump into a world of ideas and communicative messages, Ateza uses graphic design, not only as a way to express, but also as a vehicle that materializes concerns, needs and personalities of all those who approach the studio.

Because Manu Treviño, who hides behind Ateza, considers design as a means of transforming the reality we live in. He also considers it as a communication tool by which visibility is granted to so many realities that lack their own personality and, indeed, need it in a society where –without an image- one simply does not exist.

Ateza received his training in the Castellon School of Art, where he developed an attraction for the art of illustration: a specialty through which it is possible to talk with the surrounding reality, give rise to reflection, and wake up the asleep critical spirit. This is well proven with Ateza's specialized field: press working. These works are born with the aim of inviting the awakening of the so-called conscience, with projects characterized by imagination, paradox, and double meanings.

Besides that and through his own personal and non-transferable style, he is able to give to all different kinds of customers a voice too. Ateza’s easily recognizable personality is in part thanks to its wide variety of projects inside the scope of communication, including web page services, advertisements and poster designing. Moreover, this customer relationship is a two-way road where both Ateza and clients continue their own learning process and achieve new tools to face the ever-so-changing social reality.

The way to accomplish this goal is a thorough process based on listening, researching and exploring all the possibilities, especially in understanding the personality of the other person so that the final project reflects that personality and make it visible. This process must always be created from the passion and concern that comes from living and breathing graphic design, not as a profession, but as a true vocation. Mainly because Ateza is, above all, the desire to create, to enjoy every bit of it and do it better every day.
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